Oh, what a glorious time it was...

... but it is over.

  1. Jonas now goes by his first name, Mikka, and went on to become a physician.
  2. WQD ended in 2014, largely because there wasn't room on the Internet for forums anymore.
  3. The Newsserver ended about the time Mikka stopped writing code to concentrate on writing prescriptions.

From 1999 to 2014, netwarriors.org has been home to some of the coolest and greatest experiments on the Internet. We hosted We Quit Drinking, the biggest Alcohol Cessation and Sobriery forum ever created. We started b19s, the first decentralized blogging and messaging system (long before the 'Fediverse').

We ran a Usenet site that, at one point, was the main Spam Cancel system.

And we had blogs. In 1999.